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Message from Fr. de Rosa on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear Parishioners,

The month of June has traditionally been dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

I think that we should revisit this devotion with renewed vigor in light of the moral disequilibrium of today’s culture, like a balm on the world’s wounds and a refuge for those in need of healing.

Some suggestions:

1. Find the Litany of the Sacred Heart and pray it daily in June.

2. Enthrone the image of the Sacred Heart in your homes in June.

3. Attend the Sung Latin Mass on Corpus Christi at 9 AM on June 8th at St. Anthony’s and take part in the Eucharistic Procession.

4. Attend Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart on June 16th (8 AM in CB, 9 AM in KG and 7PM Latin Sung Mass).

5. Make an added effort to do a Eucharistic Holy Hour in June.

6. Sign up for our Eucharistic Adoration Sodality.

Yours in Christ Eucharistic,

Fr. de Rosa, Pastor

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