Eucharistic Adoration Sodality

To commit time with our Eucharistic Lord email Michelle Bielovitz

If you can not make it to your committed time, it is important to contact Michelle Bielovitz  so other arrangements can be made.

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration each Friday after the 9am Mass. Benediction is at 6:45pm on First Fridays;  5:00pm on all other Fridays.
By joining our Eucharistic Adoration Sodality, your prayers are united with other members for the general intention of the increased holiness of our parish and the specific intentions of each of those in the Sodality. Members are only asked to:
• Be placed on our official membership roll.
• Commit to a holy hour at least twice a month.
• Contact the office if you cannot make your regularly scheduled day.
• Be willing to help, if possible, for extra periods of Adoration on days such as the March for Life in January and Election Day, etc.
Parishes that hold Eucharistic Adoration are proven to be more holy and successful.  To spend time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is good for the body, mind and soul and the holiness of the entire parish.
Jesus is waiting for you. Will you make some time for Him?

First Friday devotions are a devotion to the Sacred Heart and Precious Blood of Jesus. This practices dates to the last decades of the 17th century, when Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary and spoke to her of a remedy for offenses against His Sacred Heart. However, Friday devotions exited long before the 17th century and were not restricted to first Friday. This is because as each Sunday is a reminder and anniversary of Christ’s Resurrection, each Friday is a reminder and anniversary of His Sacrifice.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart, as given to St. Margaret by Jesus, began to grow in popularity as soon as the saintly woman had died, but was officially recognized 75 years later. Though the devotion dictated to Margaret referred to 9 consecutive first Fridays, it does not need to end there. Many of the Catholic faithful continue to make the First Friday devotion beyond the nine consecutive months.

The object of this devotion is love for Jesus.

This devotion consists of, on the first Friday of each month for 9 consecutive months:

  • Attending Mass and receiving communion
  • Meditating on the sacrilege committed against Jesus and His Sacred Heart.

There are many promises and graces attached to this devotion. Visit these websites to learn more.