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Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVDP)                                        

Who We Are:  We are a volunteer group dedicated to assisting all those in need.  Our Arlington Diocese has about 450 Vincentians who are part of the 100,000 volunteers across almost 5000 parishes in the United States.  We are a Catholic organization but we assist everyone, regardless of race, origin, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.  Anyone may join the Vincentians.

What We Do:  The focus of SSVDP is to assist those in our community who are in financial need.  Friends in need can contact their local SSVDP Conference Helpline in their area or the District Council at and a Vincentian will call or email them back within 24 hours.  One of the unique aspects of the Society is we seek to meet with our needy friends to get a full understanding of their circumstances.  We offer the following forms of assistance:

  • Short term financial support: Funds to assist with almost any financial need (rent, utilities, medical bills, car payments and car insurance). We also provide food and gas cards.
  • Alternative Loan Program: For those who do not have access to credit, we offer small loans to assist with purchases that will allow recipients to improve their economic well-being (a car for work, funds to buy equipment for a small business and refinancing payday loans/high interest credit card debt.)
  • Referrals: We work with other organizations and government agencies to find support for our friends if we cannot meet their entire need.

What We Have Done:  Over the past year, we have assisted over 19,000 people in northern Virginia, the most common request being rental assistance.  Our volunteers have also worked to prevent evictions, stop the disconnection of utilities and negotiate debt reduction on behalf of friends.

How You Can Help:

  • Become a Vincentian: If you are interested in learning more about the Society, contact us at
  • Donate: You can make a financial donation or donate a used car or other recreational vehicle by clicking on the DONATE button at
  • Talk to your Pastor or fellow parishioners about starting a Vincentian Conference at your Parish. For more information, please leave a message at

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