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How to Fill Your Good Friday With Grace

by Father de Rosa

Morning & Waking After waking, have a simple meal if necessary to keep your strength up, in accordance with the Laws on Fasting and Abstinence. 

(Bread and water are traditional but not mandatory)

Keep the house and morning quiet. 

Do only the things essential to your duties. 

Keep the TV, computer and radio off. Don’t do things that destroy your peace! 

Perhaps take a Rosary walk, do spiritual reading or do some other pious activity. 

Start the day holy and well!


Before Noon Take a light repast, if need be, to keep your strength up before church. 


Noon to 3:00 PM These are the most sacred hours. Stay “sober and alert.”

Attend the “Three Hours” devotions at church (These are short meditations every 30 minutes on the Seven Last Words of Christ, with silence in between).

If need be take a short walk in the intervals between the meditations.

Go to confession during the Tre Ore Devotions if it is time.


3:00 sharp Be in Church for Day One of the Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet!

3:30 PM Attend the Good Friday Liturgy and Veneration of the Holy Cross (90 minutes).


After the Liturgy Try to keep the day going quietly. Take another light repast in the early evening to keep your strength up. Naps are acceptable 😉


7:00 PM Attend the Stations of the Cross at Church, or…

In the evening Watch an edifying film, such as the Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” or Franco Zefferelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth.” 

End of the Day Retire early, tired but stronger, after a day well spent in observance of the Lord’s Passion and Death, full of grace and light!

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