Holy Matrimony is the Sacrament whereby one man and one woman are joined in an indissoluble bond which is mutually exclusive and open to new life.

To learn more about this Sacrament, see the official Catechism of the Catholic Church nos. 1601-1666

How to receive this Sacrament:
Couples interested in marrying must contact their parish priest as soon as they can so as to arrange things most expeditiously. The priest will guide you through the steps, which include several meetings with him and up to two off-campus days of instruction. The Bishop has set a six-month waiting period for marriages, so it is best not to rent a facility until the first meeting with the priest. Couples must not be cohabiting and living intimately prior to marriage as this is a gravely sinful arrangement which causes scandal. If one of the parties has been married (either in Church or civilly) and divorced the question becomes more complicated, and so it is important to talk to the priest who will help you understand your situation vis-à-vis the Church and perhaps find a resolution.