St. Anthony

Commemorate a Deceased Loved One with a Gold Star

Dear Parishioners,

I propose to you the idea of having the gold stars adorning the sanctuary at St. Anthony’s stand in perpetual commemoration of our deceased loved ones.

This would be a powerful way to envision the souls of our dearly departed that fill the mansions of the Father’s House: both those still in need of prayers and those reigning triumphant in Heaven.

If you are interested please contact me directly at:

804-224-7221 or

Yours in Christ Jesus, 
Father de Rosa

It is also possible to sponsor:

– The pedestal and niche of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
– The very Altar of Repose, where the Tabernacle itself rests
– The lights over the statues and tabernacle, which have so beautifully illuminated the reredos.
– The reredos itself (that is, the wooden backdrop)
By “sponsoring” a feature of the sanctuary you would help the church to cover the many hidden costs necessary to make the renovation possible. It also positions us to continue the beautification of the interior of the church. Now that you see what is possible…
We can acknowledge your gift on the bronze plaque in the vestibule.
Your sponsorship could also be in memory of a loved one.


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