St. Anthony

2022 Summer Bible Conference

St. Jerome Bible Guild
Saturday, August 27, 10am – Noon
Meeting Christ in the Gospel of Mark
An Introduction, Main Themes, Devotional Application
The second annual summer Bible conference will focus upon St. Mark’s Gospel in view of the Catholic Faith (the plan is to examine a different Gospel each summer; last year covered St. Matthew). This period of study, about two hours (with a break between sessions), will be illuminated by Sacred Scripture, guided by Tradition, and loyal to the Magisterium.
Please join us in the parish center “in person” (the conference will not be live streamed). Bring a Bible, pen & paper, and a friend. The lectures will be given by Mr. Salvatore J. Ciresi, M.A. (faculty member of Christendom College’s Graduate School and director of the St. Jerome Biblical Guild).
To assist St. Anthony’s in making preparations, register at or 540-848-4785. A donation to the parish, hosting kindly, may be offered at one’s convenience.

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