There will be a Traditional Latin Mass with choir at St. Anthony on Saturday, March 25 @ 9am for the Solemnity of the Annunciation.   St. Elizabeth’s 8am on Saturday, March 25 is will be in English.

St. Anthony has a 5:30pm Latin Mass on Fridays during Lent.

The new facade of St. Elizabeth Church

Welcome to our Parish!

If you are a Catholic new to the neighborhood and have not found your parish yet, or if you are interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, we, the priests and people of the Catholic Church in Westmoreland and King George Counties, wish to welcome you warmly and invite you to worship with us as we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass each Sunday.

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St. Anthony Church in the winter

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Mass Times


8:00 AM (Extraordinary Form)

5:00 PM (Sunday Vigil)


9:00 AM

11:00 AM (Español)

Mon - Fri

7:30 AM: Eucharistic Adoration

8:00 AM: Mass

8:30 AM: Rosary



4:30 PM


8:30 AM

St. Anthony of Padua

Mass Times


7:00 PM (Sunday Vigil)


8:15 AM & 10:30 AM

12:45 PM Extraordinary High Form


9:00 AM (Mon)

7:00 AM (Tues)

7:00 PM (Wed)

9:00 AM (Thurs) (Extraordinary Form)

9:00 AM (Fri & Sat)


5:30 PM Extraordinary Form



7:30 PM


After 9:00 AM Mass
6:30 PM


Half-hour before each Mass

Parish Staff

PASTOR Very Rev. Francis Michael de Rosa, V.F. (804) 224-7221
PAROCHIAL VICAR Rev. Joseph Kenna (804) 224-7221
OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Mary Encinger (804) 224-7221
DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS ED Tracy Sivak (540) 846-3849
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Shelley Buckles (540) 848-4785

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